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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm alive and planning to move my blog !

I have been so busy lately with so many projects that I started, for once I got the chance to get back to blog and I decided that will be a great chance to change my blog entirely, my blog  adress has a horrendus typo and it's quite difficult to find it so in teh upcomming days I will be "moving the content of this blog to a brand new one, I have so many pictures to share!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White mini garden

I'm over the moon enjoying my poted tulips and hyacinths, as you know I live in military housing wich means I'm very limted by space and I've little freedom to really have a garden, however this haven't stopped me to enjoy some dirt and sun. I bought the bulbs in walmart a dollar each, some dirt and my old containers. I enjoy so much seeing this little bulbs grow, it's just pure unaltered pleasure. They are so beutiful and humble, I have seen tulips grow near the trash can containers without any care whatsoever.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hold it here...hand paper clip

Look what I found recently, I had seem them in magazines and blogs but I only dreamed of finding one in person, anyways I haven't decide if I'm going to keep it or sell it,  gues I will keep it and look for more or my shop. Speaking of wich reminds that I'm still loking for aweb designer, I have considered Sadie Olive but their  prices are a bit prohibited, so I'm consirering the possiblities with Sprinkles on top, and Itkupilli. I want a design that can accomodate a range of possibilities, antiques and vintage, a bit of american kitsch, a bit of scandinavian soft palete and some whismsical altered art.  while I'm still looking I leave you with some recent pictures, I hope you like them...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

TICKLE ME PINK **Vintage Finds and tender vignettes

I found recently these two beautiful gloriously vintage bunnies, It was definetely great finds, I love their sweet little faces.This guys reminds me of  Yoggi bear, another find from the past.More eye candies comming soon..

I'm a lucky duck!

I found the most beutiful things for my closet/antique shop, I can get over the combination of black and white and gold....and oh my!! you can go on and on mixing everything with these two colors.  The hats and hat box are vintage, the rings that you can see on the back were found on the ground in Florida probably a hundred years old, I can't help to wonder if they were made for slaves. I collect black americana because of the high relevance in history, for me is way different because I can't wrap my head around slavery and segregation I come from a place were in a family you have all the colors of the rainbow for centuries, I don't feel guilty for collecting these items. Anyways let's go back to the vignette, I feel proud to say that I salvage many pieces from here and there and all together came out really nice, I think. come back soon to see more pics...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SO sorry

I have been so busy lately I haven't had any time to blog,  I'm posting new pictures soon. I found the most beutiful trinkets lately for my mini shop and the upcomming events, I need to keep everything organized, I'm leaving to Mexico in 2 weeks,  I'm crafting for the Savannah event ( P&P), I just cleansed my closets, sent my kid's toys and books to a consigment event, I also went on a  hunt and gather adventure for "new"antiques for my shop wich I hope to expand i just have 40 square feet I can't call it a shop but a closet. I plan to bring some antiques from Belgium, my whole entire life I have collected stuff so following the scent I ended up un Torengen Belgium, I must say that I adore Belgique even more than France, people are a bit  cold but much more classy than many europeans. My husband can't stand french people because they tend to ignore you and stare at you if you speak " american" we decided to speak in spanish when traveling in Europe.
Speaking of wich if you plan to go check for airfares to Europe decent lately, more reasonable than going to Mexico, just in case you wanna go for  summer check  downside they only leave from two airports Vegas and Ft Lauderdale Fl.  I live in Germany for 3 years and I visited about 15 countries if you want help planning just shout and I can give you my opinion on all the cheap tricks.
          please come back soon so I can show you my latest picks.... tons of eye candies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Petticoats and Parasols here I come!

The talented Jenn Hayslip is hosting this year an awesome event in the eternal beautiful pearl of the south Savannah, this event promises to be the bomb. Jo Packham of Where Women Create will grace us with her presence , she will be the guest keynote speaker at Petticoats & Parasols. at the event among other celebrities in the blog world. I hope to meet in person one of my favorite lady bloggers Andrea Singarella who has attended in the past to events organized by Jenn.

I'm more than excited to be a vendor at the event I will take my own creations along with antiques, gourmet treats from Mexico and much more surprises that I'm preparing fo that special event. I will keep you gals in the loop.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

DYI *QUICKGlass Etching*

Recently I found new ways to embellish my old container and give them a fresh fancy look without breaking the bank, this is one way to use my punchers  and my cricut for making stencils. I used a roll of self adhesive covering ( you can buy them for about $5 for 9 feet, instead of using the brandname rolls that are much more expensive), armour etch, a little brush and a recycled glass container.
First I cut my stencil( cricut or by hand), peel it and applied it on a previously clean container, second step is to apply carefully with the brush a dab of etch cream, paying attention to the edges, the cream works in seconds so it's important to keep the area clean only apply it on the parts you want to etch. Let the cream work for about 5 minutes. Wash the piece and there! it is, super easy...
Coming soon more DIY projects ( 20 minutes cloche etching) and more news on Petticoats and Parasols