Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SO sorry

I have been so busy lately I haven't had any time to blog,  I'm posting new pictures soon. I found the most beutiful trinkets lately for my mini shop and the upcomming events, I need to keep everything organized, I'm leaving to Mexico in 2 weeks,  I'm crafting for the Savannah event ( P&P), I just cleansed my closets, sent my kid's toys and books to a consigment event, I also went on a  hunt and gather adventure for "new"antiques for my shop wich I hope to expand i just have 40 square feet I can't call it a shop but a closet. I plan to bring some antiques from Belgium, my whole entire life I have collected stuff so following the scent I ended up un Torengen Belgium, I must say that I adore Belgique even more than France, people are a bit  cold but much more classy than many europeans. My husband can't stand french people because they tend to ignore you and stare at you if you speak " american" we decided to speak in spanish when traveling in Europe.
Speaking of wich if you plan to go check for airfares to Europe decent lately, more reasonable than going to Mexico, just in case you wanna go for  summer check http://www.condor.de/  downside they only leave from two airports Vegas and Ft Lauderdale Fl.  I live in Germany for 3 years and I visited about 15 countries if you want help planning just shout and I can give you my opinion on all the cheap tricks.
          please come back soon so I can show you my latest picks.... tons of eye candies.

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  1. I was just about to go to bed when your sweet comment popped up in my email! I just wanted to come by and say thanks!


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