Friday, February 19, 2010

Petticoats and Parasols here I come!

The talented Jenn Hayslip is hosting this year an awesome event in the eternal beautiful pearl of the south Savannah, this event promises to be the bomb. Jo Packham of Where Women Create will grace us with her presence , she will be the guest keynote speaker at Petticoats & Parasols. at the event among other celebrities in the blog world. I hope to meet in person one of my favorite lady bloggers Andrea Singarella who has attended in the past to events organized by Jenn.

I'm more than excited to be a vendor at the event I will take my own creations along with antiques, gourmet treats from Mexico and much more surprises that I'm preparing fo that special event. I will keep you gals in the loop.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

DYI *QUICKGlass Etching*

Recently I found new ways to embellish my old container and give them a fresh fancy look without breaking the bank, this is one way to use my punchers  and my cricut for making stencils. I used a roll of self adhesive covering ( you can buy them for about $5 for 9 feet, instead of using the brandname rolls that are much more expensive), armour etch, a little brush and a recycled glass container.
First I cut my stencil( cricut or by hand), peel it and applied it on a previously clean container, second step is to apply carefully with the brush a dab of etch cream, paying attention to the edges, the cream works in seconds so it's important to keep the area clean only apply it on the parts you want to etch. Let the cream work for about 5 minutes. Wash the piece and there! it is, super easy...
Coming soon more DIY projects ( 20 minutes cloche etching) and more news on Petticoats and Parasols

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Winner is...

One Cheap B****! congrats Plese contact me . thanks everyone for participating on my first GIVE AWAY

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gourmet Gift Under $7

I have always like to make myself gifts for my friends when the time comes, I feel that bought gifts are a bit less impersonnal than the homespun ones. I personally love gourmet gifts, I can't explain exactly to my husband the difference between an oil from the super market or an oil imported from some mediterranean country, well I guess the real deal gets seal by the presentationt. With that in mind, I decided to reuse what I already got and turn it into a great  affordable  gift
 I went to the store and got a regular virgin olive oil, poured into a recycled( pink lemonade) glass , the bottle already comes with a cork attached, I cut some aromatic herbs from my herb garden, washed them and put them in the oil ( rosted garlic or even fancy pantsy truffles can be added), for the decorative part , I  reuse and old tag and found an string ball to secure it to the bottle. This is my easy way to "make" a home spun gurmet oil.
Oil- $8.75 for the big bottle, I only used half $4.37
Herbs- $0 for me, but if you buy it it's around $2
recycled tag, card, or whatever $0
A pice of yarn, hemp, string $0
recycled old glass bottle $0 = 6.37

This is quite decorative as much as it's useful, you can tell  that I need to be resourceful to decorate a vinyl countertop, ohh I love military housing, gives me tha chance to use my brain to find ways to decorate. Everytime we move it's a challenge to reuse one old glass bootle.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Give Away!!

This give away actually started last week, includes a bird, a nest,. reindeer moss, and a surprise, well I finished making the surprise gift last night.
 I made two different earrings so the winner can pick one of her choice, please contact me by Sunday 14 saying wich set you want me to send you.

The earrings are made in . 925 Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals, for the green set I added real fresh water perls. The gifts will ship on Monday after Valentines, so you have ultil Saturday 13 so all you have to do to enter your name in the hat is to leave a comment, if you become a follower that gives you a second chance and if you bring a friend well you get a chance for every friend you bring over. I just started this blog about 3 weeks ago,I'm enjoying so much blogging and creating so  I have  plans to open an online store in the Spring ( still deciding on the web designer) with high quality items like these earrings ($18 bucks shipping included!) vintage items, (kitsch items and american toys) french linens, european porcelain ( I became and adict when I live in Germany), fluffy hand made pillows, oilcloth and oilcloth accesories and all the good stuff, my plan also consists on having everything under $50. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to bring your friends!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spring Vignettes

Today I felt like working more than I usually prefer to do, so I gather my latest finds and put them together in different vignettes. The weather was gorgeous outside, it felt like mother nature wanted to give us a preview of what this Spring will be like.  I found myself inspired and "pulled" by all shades of green, I can't resist the combination of lime green and pink.
I found some Mc Coy pots not long ago and I became a collector, so far I have only three( can you spot the in the right corner) but eventually I hope to find more, The colors can't be more subtle and romatic.
Another pratical use for the Mc Coy containers.
My seven year old daugther loves dogs, so I made her this shelve with a salvaged cabinet, it feels so rustic. We display our favorite linen finger napkins on it as well.
This is for you, artichokes instead of roses. Thanks for stopping by