Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank You- Give away

I'm thrilled to have 4 followers!! I love to read all the comments, and to show my appreciation  I decided to have a Give Away , I will ship it on Valentine's Day(only for participants of continental USA and Canada), the package will consist on:
1. A bird on her nest
2. A package of reindeer moss
3. A package of small bird eggs of your choice ( beige or pink,)
4. A surprise gift!
Rules. Please leave a comment for a chance to enter, if you become a follower you have another chance, if you bring your friends, well every friend is another chance to win. Please let me know when you become a follower so I can enter accurately your name.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Spring Fever - Oh feathers!

Birds, and birds everywhere, I can't wait for the spring to come and the cold weather to be a thing of the past, so I had to put my contribution to feel a little bit more "springy"
This project consists on gathering wathever you already have in hand and use it to create a botanical arragement  with a touch of romantic whimsy. In this case I used an old container, you can use terracota, metal, or plastic, I also needed a poted plant, some reindeer moss or anykind of moss to cover the pot, a topiary or trellis( you can made this one yourself with a branch.)
 The whimsical part is given by bringing any bird, furry animal, butterfly, even shells look really pretty around this "live" arrangements.
I always advocate for having  arrangements rather than simple cut flowers for the only reason that they last all  season and you can reuse them as many times as you want.
I let birds to nest wherever they want in my house, even on my mirrors coners.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine's Cards from the past.

I found these really old valentine's card. most are from the 20's.
I made them as big as I could.
Who has noticed that particular color on the cards?Is it me or they look like red tomato, some shade between red and orange, anyways I described it as red tomato, roma tomato perhaps..
Sometimes when I speak to my mom on the phone, I describe colors like "  Ma' I found a sweater, yes it's cute, what color? well is green, pear green, like baby pears, no tint of mustard " I can send her a pic to her mail but she hates to use her computer, so I guess my 5 senses works towards describing colors.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finder's Keepers- Ephemera display

One of the biggest problems of being a "collector" of ephemera (and pretty much of everything) is the space issue, since I live in military housing is always a problem to find any space in my house to display my little collections. So I came with this solution, I had enough papers around for scrapbooking even when  I never get to scrap anything because I  feel that I can’t compromise my objects to stay permanent in one project, I always  need to use them several times in it’s life time, Needles to say I never throw anything away, first because I love the things I have , second because I feel guilty to contaminate the planet so I try to reuse pretty much everything that find its way to my home

I guess I will be changing colors or adding more pictures, only time will tell

You need a flat surface, like this recycled table , paper scraps, whatever you love and already have, you can also use fabric, dried leaves, ephemera anything you want to display

I'm a sucker for old post cards, I pick this one because my baby storm, I mean son, is Taurus.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My First Show and Tell.

I always wanted to participate on the Friday show and tell but I did not have either the time or the right picture. This table is right at the entrance of my home, the dress form was a copper color so I painted white and sanded the edges, I added some flowers and yes there is a nest on the middle , what do you think of the final result. I love tulips for the winter season, as it gets warmer I will add some color.

I wanted to show my itty bitty pink car that sits on a cake stand in the middle of my table, it's sooo rusty but I love the contrast that brings to it. Fo me it's like a game I spy, I spy..  I always hide little pretty things around my house.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Valentine's to me!

I want to think that we are really lucky to be a military family, well I had to put it this way, my husband gets to travel a lot and I get to stay and keep the ship afloat. However once in a while I get presents from all over. Whenever is possible he brings me a little something. I got two prsents this time, he sent this picture when he was  still decididng wich one I wanted so I just had to push a bit and ask for both. BINGO! Hey sometimes this works, I love this set because it's the perfect pale peachy  color.

Vintage Treasure

I'm always on the hunt for more Vintage Santas. Most of the time I find them in poor condition so I was very lucky to find my rosie cheeks Santa all dressed in white, in pristine condition.

I also was lucky to find the Golden Santa. Isn't he cute?

It's Clean Up Time

I want to share all my little treasures that I displayed for the holidays, now it's time to pack them all up and wait for the next Xmas to put them back up again.